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Welcome to our Terms of Contribution

  • You decided to become a Contributor ITESOFT Ecosystem. Thank you for your trust and for your involvement in the community ITESOFT Ecosystem.

  • W4 has developed a technical platform to date ITESOFT Ecosystem, for highlighting the technology and know -how of its partners. ITESOFT Ecosystem looks like a website that provides access to a structured list of downloadable applications and content based.

  • The Contributor has expertise that aims to highlight the ITESOFT Ecosystem by providing an application or content, as defined by these conditions.

  • Requesting the status Contributor, the Member acknowledges having read and accepted these Terms of contribution that fit into the general Terms of ITESOFT Ecosystem and complete.

  • The General Conditions of contributions define the services and benefits to which the Contributor access the ITESOFT Ecosystem. The General Conditions of contributions also define the rights and duties of the contributor towards ITESOFT and community members ITESOFT Ecosystem.

Some Definitions

  • Contribution means the contribution of partner as defined by the specific conditions and by amendment for each new contribution. A contribution may be an application, IT development, business expertise, time spent...

  • Application refers to all forms of content available on the ITESOFT Ecosystem (listed or certified) and interoperate with tools promoted by ITESOFT. The content can be particularly pre- packaged application, an example of application or application fragment (process, data model...).

  • Distinctive sign(s) means the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and other distinctive signs are the property of their owners.

  • Rights of Industrial and Intellectual Property ITESOFT means all copyright and title, including patents, trademarks, marketing, trade secrets, rights of reproduction reserved W4 which is the owner of origin or acquired by ITESOFT .

  • Software means the program(s) defined computer(s) in object code form only. Software will also include minor and major versions developed and marketed by ITESOFT during the Term. The software suite is named BUSINESS FIRST.

Acceptance of Contribution Terms

  • The Terms constitute the legal relationship between you and ITESOFT through your contribution on the ITESOFT Ecosystem.

  • To publish applications on the ITESOFT Ecosystem, you must perform the acceptance of these terms by clicking on the box that appears when creating your Contributor account.

  • ITESOFT reserves the right to make changes at any time these Terms.

  • In this case, the Contributor will receive an e-mail notification to warn of changes. ITESOFT also publishes the modified Terms and Conditions on the ITESOFT Ecosystem in staff that will accept Contributor space.

Application Ratings & Reviews

  • The Contributor acknowledges and agrees that its application is subject to a rating system and comments from Members who download the Application.

  • A rating scale is defined by the number of stars assigned to each application. In case of disagreement on the rating of an Application, or comments deemed inappropriate, the Contributor ITESOFT can contact at the following address: ecosystem.members@itesoft.com.

Online Content

  • The Contributor is solely responsible for the online content. It guarantees the integrity of the content provided. It also guarantees ITESOFT against any action or appeal which may be filed and that are based Application or any content posted on the ITESOFT Ecosystem.

  • The contents of your application should in no case be inappropriate or unlawful.

  • This excludes in particular any content infringing intellectual property rights or to illegal activities.

    • Any content of implicit and explicit sexual nature,
    • Content depicting scenes of violence, intimidation and incitement
    • Identity theft, the existence of deceptive behavior
    • Communication and publication of personal and confidential information
    • Infringement of intellectual property rights
    • Illegal activities, gambling and betting
    • Transmission of dangerous goods (including worm, virus, default, trojan, malware)

Publication - Upload

  • Publication of an Application on the ITESOFT Ecosystemis subject to these Terms and in particular the existence of a valid account.

  • When you publish an application, you must select the associated license by checking the appropriate box:

    • free
    • pay
  • Thus, you expressly acknowledge that you grant to register on the site the rights under the license associated users.

Protection of your Personal Data by ITESOFT

  • ITESOFT protects your privacy. You can read its policy of protection of personal data by going to our Terms of Use.

Contributor Commitments

  • Development conditions and publishing applications on the ITESOFT Ecosystem are respectively subject to compliance with the Charter of development and the Charter of publication.

  • The Contributor may consult directly above Charters on his personal space when publishing an application on the ITESOFT Ecosystem. When sending confirmation of publication to ITESOFT, the Contributor will also receive these charters by email. 

Support and Maintenance

  • Support services and technical maintenance may be provided by ITESOFT. For more information, please contact us at the following address: ecosystem.members@itesoft.com

  • The Contributor may provide service support and maintenance of its application to ITESOFT Ecosystem Members who so request. To implement this service, you can contact us at the following address: ecosystem.members@itesoft.com

Application Certification

  • The publication of any application is subject to verification by single from ITESOFT.

  • Also, having published his/her Application to ITESOFT Ecosystem, the Contributor has the possibility to certify by clicking on the tab "certify my application." ITESOFT then conduct a thorough check of the application that includes:

    • Anti -virus checking
    • Checking the title, the description, attachments, images and their relevance to the content of the Application
    • Starting and verifying the proper operation of the Application
  • However, simple and thorough audits by ITESOFT does not in any way grant any guarantee to the Member in connection with its use of the software. The Contributor is completely responsible to ITESOFT any action or appeal which may be filed by any Member or third parties and that are based Application or any content posted on the ITESOFT Ecosystem by Contributor.

Availability and Removing Applications

  • It is made ​​hereunder no guarantee Contributor for the availability of certified and referenced on the ITESOFT Ecosystem applications.

  • The Contributor has the ability to remove one or more of its applications by making a prior request from ITESOFT to the following address: ecosystem.members@itesoft.com. A confirmation will then be notified by email.

  • ITESOFT also has the ability to remove any application, especially, does not comply with these Terms and Conditions knew ITESOFT Ecosystem.

Closing an Account

  • The Contributor has the ability to close his account. He will then make a prior arrangement with ITESOFT at the following address: ecosystem.members@itesoft.com. A confirmation will then be notified by email.

  • ITESOFT also reserves the right to close any account "contributor" that does not comply in particular these Terms.

Marketing / Advertising

  • ITESOFT may include the contributor and his / her application(s) in communications, to use its trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs to promote the application and / or ITESOFT Ecosystem.