Publishing an application

Are you ready to post a new application, a component or a business process?
Here is how to proceed.

Publishing Application

CréationITESOFT ECOSYSTEM is designed for publishing applications of various natures. Each of them contains a deliverable that visitors can download to use. The term "Application" refers to an application that can be used as is. "Process Model", "Data Model" and "Interface Model" mean the ability to recover any part of an application for use other than the original context. Finally, the term "Add-on" means supplements that you can find such a connector for a process or an interface class for data models, for example.

SoumissionFrom the "My apps" section in your user profile, you will be able to publish a new application by filling out a completed for with the information that will be used by ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM visitors to find applications corresponding to their search criteria. Besides the explicit title of what the application does, the search engine of ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM also relies on the elements you will give: description (summary and detailed), categories, nature ... It is recommended that screenshots and videos be made available. Once all the parameters entered and the application transferred to ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM, then the status of the application changes to "Marketing Validation".

ValidationTo ensure the quality of the content of ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM, the marketing department at ITESOFT checks the applications before actual publication. The application is opened with Application Composer, processes with Process Composer, documents are read, screenshot are verified and links are tested. When needed, a check will be done by a technical team. When accepted, its state is changed to "Published".

PublicationOnce the checks carried out, the application is visible to the audience you target at the time of submission. It may be downloaded by authenticated visitors unless it is protected by a license fee, in which case the contributor will receive a formal request to contact the potential customer.