BPMN+ Professional Services

Working with ITESOFT Professional Services guarantees successful project management ensured by a team of project managers and technical experts who provide:

  • A high level of expertise
  • Guarantee the best use of the advanced product features
  • A privileged relationship with the software publisher and its support service
  • Knowledge of customer applications
  • Knowledge of the customer's infrastructure
  • A balanced ITESOFT/Client partnership for the project: each possessing thier proper added value.

In this way, ITESOFT intervenes on the customer side throughout all project phases, both functional and technical: choice of architecture, functional and technical specifications, application development, installation and support during deployment.

The various services offered

Depending on your progress in adopting BPM in your company, we are able to offer you the level of support adapted to your needs. For this we have organized our services offer into different levels of intervention which are described below.


To support customers in their projects, ITESOFT offers a support package in the form of days per multi-profile services. Development support is essential to accelerate the growing skills of technical staff after monitoring BPMN+ product training. It helps to deepen and tailor advice in context. It is strategic for integrations with third party systems for which ITESOFT has gained experience on different projects built with BPMN+.

This support enables benefiting from the good practices of ITESOFT experts:

  • Establishment of collaborative development environment and a chain of production and testing
  • Data Modeling
  • Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Management Workflow and Activity Data
  • Cinematic of the applications to be deployed
  • Architecture and Development
  • Installing and Configuring Servers
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Deploying Applications
  • Sustainability and maintenance of applications
  • This support guarantees the best use of BPMN+ advanced software suite features

Remote Support

The support described above may require very specific interventions that do not require a full day. ITESOFT offers customers remote assistance by telephone with the service offer: Web-Assistance ½ day.

This hotline enables benefiting from the expertise of ITESOFT consultants:

  • Specific application development
  • Modeling of processes or data
  • Source code examples
  • Strengthening the foundations acquired in training
  • Qualifying malfunctions

Long Term Support

Les consultants ITESOFT sont amenés à être intégrés dans les équipes de développement des clients sur des périodes plus longues de façon à renforcer les effectifs du client en lui apportant l’expertise BPMN+ au quotidien.

ITESOFT consultants are integrated directly into the customer development teams for longer periods in order to strengthen the customer workforce by providing daily BPMN+ expertise.

Flat rate

ITESOFT also assists its customers in the full realization of their solution using BPMN+ at a flat rate using conventional methodology or iterative Agile methodology.

A partir d’une expression de besoin ou d’un cahier des charges, les différentes périodes du cycle de développement d’un  projet sont déroulées:

Based on a statement of requirements or specifications, the different periods of the development cycle are:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Setting-up specific development and integration with the company information systems
  • Validation
  • Production deployment
  • Guarantee


ITESOFT supports you in new installations or during version upgrades of your BPMN+ platforms. This support ensures an installation in line with the workload and the expected volumetrics of your applications and the insurance of a optimizing the deployment of your solution.

Application Management

At the end of the development period covererd at a flat rate. The packaged offer, Third Party Maintenance (corrective and evolutionary), can come into play if the customer does not wish to immediately acquire BPMN+ technical skills.