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UGIPS GestionBrochure
UGIPS Gestion is a subsidiary of the AXA group specialised in group insurance management. As a forerunner in paper document digitalisation, it was in 2003 that the company began its collaboration with ITESOFT with the desire to automate the treatment of medical expenses and which quickly expanded in 2004 to the management process of "Beneficiary Designations". With the success of this first project, UGIPS Gestion decided logically in 2010 to digitalise all its incoming mail, that is more than 1 million documents per year. In 2013, in the face of the increasing use of digital channels, UGIPS Gestion is capitalising on its ITESOFT and switching to omnicanal capture.
Web ModelerBrochure
The Web Modeler is an interactive online tool for process modeling.Whether your goal is to document your current processes or to design the procedures of tomorrow, give your employees the ability to easily create tailored processes from a graphical and playful interface designed for novice and experienced modellers.  No need for complex instruments.
Easy to access, BPMN+ enables each user to improve his daily life, and especially that of his customers.A key element of the Secure Capture & Process Automation (SCPA) Digital Business Platform, the BPM pillar covers the entire project lifecycle, from specifications through online process modelling and analysis to the deployment of operational solutions, in the enterprise information system or on the Cloud.
SCPA for SuppliersBrochure
A leading expense item for many companies, “purchasing-supplier” processes play a major role in corporate profitability and therefore represent a strong lever for enhancing performance in financial departments.
Capture as a Service for Supplier InvoicesBrochure
The less automation is employed for processing invoices, the higher the manual processing cost, sometimes compromising the profitability of automatic invoice capture. In this document, you will learn how Capture as a Service for Supplier Invoices represents a disruptive approach. You will understand the innovative way in which it operates and measure the accrued benefits for companies.
Mitsubishi ElectricBrochure
With so many invoices being manually entered every day by Mitsubishi Electric employees, the business wanted to speed up their invoice processes and free up staff time. Their main requirements were to move to an automated system in order to eliminate building frustration, and do this with minimal disruption.
Transform the Process of Supplier Invoices into a Competitive AdvantageBrochure
In an increasingly digital world, there is no room for lost time in seizures, delays with the  circulation of paper, lack of visibility or numerous errors and fraud cases linked to a poorly controlled process. Small or large, all companies are confronted with these recurring problems.   The digitalisation of supplier invoices propels the company towards greater productivity and operational efficiency with a significantly improved image.
Duty to Report Payment PracticesBrochure
As of April 2017, large UK companies will have to start reporting their payment practices. The Duty to Report applies to UK companies and UK subsidiaries that meet two or more of the following criteria:    1. £36 million annual turnover  2. Over £18 million balance sheet total  3. Over 250 employees   Discover in this whitepaper, how this new UK legislation is going to affect you, what you need to do to prepare for it, and the benefits you'll receive by getting your payment practices in order.
Balance: Processing Supplier InvoicesBrochure
It is essential for organisations to fully master their accounts payable process, with implications reaching far beyond the relatively simple scope of cost reduction. An efficient process for handling supplier invoices brings many additional benefits,
5 Key Steps to Invoice Automation SuccessBrochure
Embarking on a new implementation programme can seem like a daunting task for everyone involved. However, it need not be as long as you take the right steps from the start and have a clear vision of what you'd like to gain from the project. In this report, we've highlighted the 5 most important steps any organisation needs to follow. It's crucial to start with the "why".
The New Challenges of Document FraudBrochure
With the rise of digitalisation, there are new risks appearing. Today, document fraud is the 3rd largest criminal industry in the world, pushing organisations to adopt appropriate mechanisms such as data consistency checks, document authentication, electronic stamps etc.  
The New Aspects of Data CaptureBrochure
96% of the decision makers interviewed by MARKESS indicate that they have data capture requirements. However, meeting these needs must be done in the light of the digital transformation that companies are experiencing. Also, data capture must now address new aspects...