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Transform the Process of Supplier Invoices into a Competitive AdvantageBrochure
In an increasingly digital world, there is no room for lost time in seizures, delays with the  circulation of paper, lack of visibility or numerous errors and fraud cases linked to a poorly controlled process. Small or large, all companies are confronted with these recurring problems.   The digitalisation of supplier invoices propels the company towards greater productivity and operational efficiency with a significantly improved image.
Aragon ResearchBrochure
Every year, ARAGON RESEARCH selects "Hot sellers" who bring a different value to the market thanks to innovative technologies, new strategies that open new perspectives. According to ARAGON RESEARCH the demand for new digital implementations that differentiate organisations is rising quickly, which has created a fertile environment for the growth of Digital Business Platforms (DBPs).  DBPs coordinate goal-directed work and support the smooth interaction of people, software, and machines in a most intelligent manner. ITESOFT | W4 is recognised by ARAGON RESEARCH who distinguishes the company as a Hot Vendor.
Web ModelerBrochure
The Web Modeler is an interactive online tool for process modeling.Whether your goal is to document your current processes or to design the procedures of tomorrow, give your employees the ability to easily create tailored processes from a graphical and playful interface designed for novice and experienced modellers.  No need for complex instruments.
The New Challenges of Document FraudBrochure
With the rise of digitalisation, there are new risks appearing. Today, document fraud is the 3rd largest criminal industry in the world, pushing organisations to adopt appropriate mechanisms such as data consistency checks, document authentication, electronic stamps etc.  
Car GlassBrochure
 Car glass remove, repair and replace any glass that’s damaged on your vehicle and then invoice the cost’s associated to various insurance companies but coverage by insurance companies will only be granted when there is proof that the glass was repaired. Before using ITESOFT | W4, they ran with a very decentralised process and used courier service to circulate the files between various establishments. Using this method affected the companies as it gave them lack of traceability, a long document access time and there was a huge risk of document loss which consequentially damaged the company’s cash flow.   By choosing ITESOFT | W4, Car Glass have digitalised all of the proof of service documents in all of the centres. All documents are now automatically classified and a check of completeness is automatically done to ensure all the documents are correct
SCPA – OperationsBrochure
It is essential for organisations to fully master their accounts payable process, with implications reaching far beyond the relatively simple scope of cost reduction. An efficient process for handling supplier invoices brings many additional benefits,
Balance: Processing Supplier InvoicesBrochure
It is essential for organisations to fully master their accounts payable process, with implications reaching far beyond the relatively simple scope of cost reduction. An efficient process for handling supplier invoices brings many additional benefits,
Streamline for DocumentsBrochure
Streamline for Documents enables the application of classification and manually document indexation guaranteeing optimum processing performance. Backed by a BPM engine, the Streamline for Documents solution integrates with agility into the digitalisation chain and complements it, enabling document streams to be 100% processed.
SCPA For CustomersBrochure
As a lever for differentiation, a true competitive advantage, and a tool for building loyalty, optimising the client experience is a major strategic issue for companies today. Complete control over the client relationship has become more complex than ever, with companies facing increasingly demanding clients, multiple interaction channels, and heightened competition. Discover SCPA for Customers and learn how to improve your customer relationships.
Freemind for InvoicesBrochure
Perfectly integrated with your ERP, FreeMind for Invoices, represents the fastest and simplest way to accelerate streamlining your accounting processes.FreeMind for Invoices directly affects productivity by eliminating manual ERP input tasks and processing 100% of your invoice streams: paper, PDF and EDI. It is the most powerful ADR invoice software on the market and the best guarantee of the profits you are looking for.
Duty to Report Payment PracticesBrochure
As of April 2017, large UK companies will have to start reporting their payment practices. The Duty to Report applies to UK companies and UK subsidiaries that meet two or more of the following criteria:    1. £36 million annual turnover  2. Over £18 million balance sheet total  3. Over 250 employees   Discover in this whitepaper, how this new UK legislation is going to affect you, what you need to do to prepare for it, and the benefits you'll receive by getting your payment practices in order.
Business Process Automation Survey Results 2018Brochure
In late 2017, ITESOFT ran a survey looking at the key points any organisation will have whilst they are looking into business process automation (BPA).    Business Process Automation is one of the hottest topics in 2018, with many businesses looking to streamline their operations for a greater strategic success in the upcoming year. Featuring input from 50 heads of Finance, Systems and Technology, the survey delves into the opportunities, priorities and challenges that are shaping their year.   If BPA is top of your 2018 agenda, don’t miss the opportunity to benchmark your aims against those of your peers. And if it’s not on your radar yet, it’s a great starting point for exploring the issues..