Découverte de W4 BUSINESS FIRST

Understand the W4 BUSINESS FIRST collaborative application composition offering as well as its EAI and BI extensions. Presentation of the technical and functional architecture with demos of the global offering

  • Examples of process driven business applications
  • What is a process?
  • Types of processes
  • How to compose applications?
  • Implementing application composition
  • Detailing the different modules of the W4 BUSINESS FIRST offering:
    • Application Composer / Application Engine
    • Process Composer / Process Engine
    • BF Admin : Administration
    • Document Access Layer (DAL) : Interaction DMSs
    • Interaction with DMSs (ECMS) : Workflow - DMS
  • System Flow option​
    • Example of a workflow+EAI approach
  • W4 Control Center option
    • Relevant dashboards with W4 Control Center
    • Agile project management with W4 BUSINESS FIRST
  • Architecture and roadmap elements
  • Conclusion
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1 day
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Architects, Project Managers, Consultants