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Expand your audience by providing your expertise through ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM. The various components that you offer will be highlighted and will enrich the content available to the user community.

Create and Join Us

Under the pressure of the different organizations that need more specialized solutions, the software industry has evolved considerably. The "custom" is a term that comes up frequently when expressing needs. Should we take a standard solution and customize it, or imagine building a solution up quickly by composing an application in a platform provided for this purpose? The question needs to be asked. If a number of cases, there are standard solutions, but the bespoke is required when it comes to having an innovative solution, when it comes to differentiate itself from its peers on the market or to organize itself around a competitive advantage.

In any case, to design a suitable solution for a particular purpose, it is necessary to combine complementary skills: a good understanding of the business on one hand, and the ability to deliver quality software solution. We believe the combination of our respective strengths of relevant answers to this need: if ITESOFT, as a software vendor, knows the imperative of its business, the value provided by our contributing partners, specialists in a functional area, is fundamental to respond effectively to market demand.

That is why we have put in place ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM, a platform for sharing applications, which become reusable and adaptable as designed around modeling: it is possible for any trained professional to take existing elements to combine and build a new application.

ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM awaits your contributions to enrich the palette of services that are available: process models, data models, interactive components, connectors, ready-to-use applications...

Register with ITESOFT ECOSYSTEM today to create your application and join us: together, gain your market share!