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To start with

  • Welcome! Thanks for choosing ITESOFT Ecosystem. The purpose of these terms is to set guidelines for the high quality service we aim to provide. ITESOFT Ecosystem is your online source for downloadable business applications posted by Contributors. ITESOFT Ecosystem also offers a range of business community services. Take part in ITESOFT Ecosystem community and expand your network.

  • The terms for using these services are defined here. In some cases, terms are further explained in documents specific to the service.

  • ITESOFT Ecosystem is produced and hosted by ITESOFT. ITESOFT SA has capital of 368 029,68 Euros. Our registered office is located at Parc d’Andron, Le Séquoia, 30470 Aimargues, France, France. We are registered at the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Mîmes B, France under reference number 330 265 323. 

A few key definitions

  • The Site refers to ITESOFT Ecosystem or any name that ITSEOFT might give to the site, or to any sub-site published by ITESOFT and linked to ITESOFT Ecosystem.
  • The Visitor is anyone who consults or uses the site. The Visitor is required to comply with the present terms.
  • The Member is a Visitor who creates an ITESOFT Ecosystem account. The Member has access to a full range of services covered by these terms. In particular, they may download Applications and take part in Community life.
  • The Contributor is a Member who has been granted the right to submit Applications for publication in ITESOFT Ecosystem.
  • Applications are any type of content (listed or certified) offered by ITESOFT Ecosystem. Applications are interoperable with all other tools promoted by ITESOFT Ecosystem. This may include prepackaged applications, demoware, or application fragments (eg processes, data models).
  • Product refers to a software base required to use and/or edit an Application.
  • Groups: a special interest group of Members started and moderated by a Member. A Group^may represent a particular company or management area (eg HR, Finance).

Site Access

  • The site is accessible 24/7, except in the event of force majeure, or difficulties with information technology systems or telecommunications infrastructures, or other technical incidents. ITESOFT reserves the right to suspend access for maintenance purposes at any time, without prior notice.
  • The Member acknowledges that he or she has the skills and resources necessary to access and use the site. All Members must be at least 18 years old.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

  • Any Visitor, Member or Contributor using the site acknowledges that they have read the General terms of Use and agree to abide by them. Use of this Site implies acceptance of all these terms.
  • ITESOFT reserves the right to change these terms of Use without prior notice. It is up to the Visitor, Member or Contributor to regularly check the Site for any changes. By continuing to use the Site, the user accepts any such changes.

Site Content

  • ITESOFT provides the Site to allow a wide audience to consult, download and supply Applications which meet a wide range of business needs. We oversee the content and operation of the Site. We enable Members to exchange ideas about the Applications and related subjects, and we ensure the harmony and vitality of the Community.
  • We do our utmost to provide Visitors and Members with relevant, verified content. However, this content is provided for information purposes only. ITESOFT will not in any way be held liable for its accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

  • No guarantee is made to Members for the Applications listed or certified on the site, including the suitability or effectiveness of a given Application for a user’s specific requirements. The Application may need to be adapted to work properly. The Member acknowledges that he is solely responsible for his choice and use of Applications, and that neither ITESOFT nor the Contributor may in any way be held liable.

  • For an Application to run properly, all requirements, especially Product prerequisites, must be met.

  • ITESOFT or the Contributor may guarantee an Application under certain specific conditions to be agreed between the Parties. For further information, contact us at:

How to register and receive the site services?


  • To sign up for the site and start using our services, the Visitor will need to fill in some required personal data, which is needed to identify Members and facilitate navigation. The Member may post a profile picture and he guarantee ITESOFT that he holds the rights on the photo.
  • The Member agrees to provide complete and accurate information. He will do his best to keep his login confidential in order to secure access to the site. Members agree to never share or transfer their passwords.
  • If a Member wants to contribute to the site, he may apply for Contributor status, either when he registers as a Member, or later, in his profile admin area. Contributor status is subject to ITESOFT approval. The Member will be officially notified if he has been accepted as a Contributor.
  • Any Member may join a Community or start up and moderate his own Community. To join a Community, a Member must apply to the Community Moderator. A Community may be public (ie visible to any Visitor) or private (ie invisible to anyone except Community Members). Communities allow members to exchange ideas on special interests and may distribute specially targeted applications. The Moderator may dissolve the Community at any time by sending an email to:

How do I close my account?

When you download an application from the website

  • By downloading an application, the Member accepts the corresponding license agreement and all terms of use. Should there be an apparent conflict between the terms in the download package text file and those in the present General terms of Use and/or ITESOFT Ecosystem License, the present terms and/or ITESOFT Ecosystem License will prevail. A Member who downloads an application may rate it and post comments and review. These will be visible to all Visitors. If a member wishes to delete his remarks, he may email us at

How ITESOFT protects your personal data

  • When you use ITESOFT Ecosystem, we protect your privacy. When we ask you to fill in personal data at registration, our aim is to have an effective and lively community with properly identified Members who want to make the most of our services and be a real part of our Community. As a consequence, every visitors will be able to see your identity and profile picture. We at ITESOFT take every suitable precaution to protect our Members’ personal data. If you have the slightest question about privacy or data protection issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at:
  • ITESOFT leaves you in control of confidentiality. In your personal space, you can set one of four different levels of visibility for your profile:
    • Any Visitor: Any visitor can see your full profile

    • Members only: Only fellow ITESOFT Ecosystem Members can see your full profile

    • My Communities and my Network only: Only members of my communities, my communities administrators and members of my network can see my full profile

    • My network only: Only community administrator and members of my network can see my full profile

  • In full compliance with French laws in force on personal data, privacy, and freedom of information, every Member has the right to access his personal data, and demand that it be rectified or deleted. To enquire about or avail yourself of these rights, simply email us at:
  • If you have any reason to believe you are a victim of identity theft or intellectual property infringement, please inform ITESOFT at: We will investigate the matter and take all due action.
  • All Visitors and Members are required to strictly comply with the abovementioned French laws on personal data, privacy, and freedom of information. Violators may be prosecuted.


Our cookies policy ?

  • To facilitate identification and navigation, ITESOFT needs to store a small file on your computer, known as a cookie. The cookie does not identify you by name but it does record browsing data (eg pages visited, date and time) that can be read the next time you visit. For your personal area, it helps us remember you so you don’t have to re-enter your login details each time. Cookies are left on your computer for a period of one year. Visitors can configure their navigator to refuse cookies.

Visitors’ and Members’ obligations

  • Visitors and Members agree to act fairly; not to infringe on intellectual property rights, and to comply with laws and regulations and the present terms of use.
  • In particular, Visitors and Members agree
    • not to use the Site for unlawful purposes
    • to hold the property rights for any content they contribute and not breach any clauses binding them to another entity
    • not to post content that infringes on anyone’s personal privacy, copyright, right to control their own image or any other IP rights
    • not to make (or publish in any form), any defamatory, insulting, obscene, violent, racist, xenophobic, political or otherwise offensive remarks, or publish anything that could violate laws in force, individual rights, or morals.
  • ITESOFT will take all every necessary measure to enforce these commitments. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at:


Protecting ITESOFT’s, Members’ and Contributors’ rights

  • The structure of the site is protected by copyright and remains the exclusive property of ITESOFT.
  • Any total or partial representations of the site realized without proper authorization from ITESOFT is explicitly forbidden and would constitute infringement on copyright under the articles L 335-2 and in accordance with the laws regarding intellectual property.

  • The brands and trademarks of ITESOFT, their partners, Members and Contributors, as well as any distinctive signs appearing on the site, are the property of their respective owners. They may not be reproduced either wholly or partially, in any form, without the prior express written permission of their owner.
  • ITESOFT will not be held responsible for content on outside sites accessed from links from ITESOFT Ecosystem.


In case of problems

  • We welcome your feedback! Should a Visitor or Member spot an error or omission, please contact us at: Don’t hesitate to suggest a correction, or to ask any questions about ITESOFT  Ecosystem or any of our services.
  • ITESOFT reserves the right to refuse a registration without giving a reason and has complete discretion to shut down any member account, especially in case of breach of these terms.
  • The purpose of ITESOFT Ecosystem is to distribute Applications. We reserve the right to delete any posting, without notice, that we feel is inappropriate or does not serve our stated purpose.
  • The present terms are governed by French laws, which shall apply in the event of any dispute between Visitors, Members, or Contributors and ITESOFT. French courts will have sole competence to resolve any disputes. In case of apparent conflict among different versions or translations, the French version will prevail. Translations are provided solely as a courtesy, for information purposes.