About Bruce Silver

Dr Bruce Silver is a well-known consultant and educator in the BPMN field, co-founder of BPMessentials, the leading provider of BPMN training and certification, with over 4000 students trained in BPMN and over 1100 certified, as well as MethodAndStyle.com, which provides decision modeling training and certification using DMN.  He served on the task force in OMG that developed the BPMN 2.0 standard, and currently serves on the DMN revision task force.

He is author of the popular book "BPMN Method and Style" now in second edition and translated into German, Spanish, and Japanese, and the new book DMN Method and Style.  His unique Method and Style approach teaches not only the meaning and usage of the graphical shapes and symbols, but provides additional rules and methodology to ensure that the meaning of the process logic or decision logic is clearly expressed from the printed diagrams.


Bruce Silver also is founder and co-chair of bpmNEXT annual conference – now in its fourth year – that showcases emerging trends in BPM technology.


Bruce Silver Associates has provided BPM consulting since 1994.  Before that, Dr Silver directed workflow and document management research at BIS Strategic Decisions (which became Giga Information Group, now part of Forrester Research).  He served on the board of directors of Captiva Software until its acquisition by EMC. He holds Physics degrees from Princeton and MIT, and four patents in imaging and workflow.


Bruce Silver will be in Paris June 7 & 8 to give a two day training session on BPMN 2.0. To register and for more information about this BPMN workshop...